A Milky WayR Ice cream franchise is a low cost high return on investment option with a high degree of differentiation in the food industry. The franchise opportunity is open to all, even to those who have no prior experience in the restaurant business.
Franchisee will invest about 12.50 lakhs towards machinery, franchise fees and caution deposit. Interiors cost and rental deposit (if applicable) is extra on actuals. Approx total cost would be about 20 lakhs.
Franchisee is expected to earn about 10 to 12 lakhs per year per outlet.
  • Proven product & Established brand
    • Experience of more than 20 years passed on the franchisee.
  • Proven systems
    Standard operating procedures
  • Professional operations, training & reporting
  • Support & expertise.
    Inventory and equipment assistance
  • Starting up operations.
  • Full training is provided to franchisee.

****For Franchise enquiries please contact
Mr.Bhushan Goyal +91 98410 69000.

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